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Interior Designer Detained Part 1

Starring Amy Aveline. She originally came by in her little black dress, and I bought her presentation hook, line and sinker. Now she was baInterior Designer Detained Part 1ck, in that same little black dress, to assuage my discontent. Her ideas for color, texture, furnishing and accessories exquisitely pleased my senses for reworking the guest room (she was not aware of its "playroom" functions), but her project management was sorely lacking. After weeks of delay the paint is half done, no new window treatments, no new carpet, no wall bed, and no furniture. I was at the end of my rope (so to speak). She did bring a new chair, but that was not enough. I made it clear in no uncertain terms that her Better Business Bureau rating of AA was in serious jeopardy unless she immediately arranges to finish the job – and let me tie her up and gag her. My second challenge took her aback, but business is business, and she knew customer service was the key to her long term success.

This is a long and lingering look from a variety of angles at gorgeous Amy, with flip flops exchanged (not on screen) for a pair of boots she picked out and the new chair she brought put to good use as an immobilization tool. With her upper arms pinioned to her body and the knots at her wrists well out of reach, she had no hope of escape. She resigned herself quietly to her fate, not even inquiring as to how long she would remain my prisoner. Perhaps she was planning how she could expand her business by offering dungeon design, and delaying those projects as well – on purpose! Stuffed mouth tape gag, ball gag and blindfold applied on screen. Run time 13:30. (Preview)

Confined to The Bed

Starring Michael Keye. Bondage Master knew his slave was turned on being helpless and left alone to wonder if rescue would ever come. No escape for bondage boy slut in leather fist mitts and arm binder, high posture collar attached to the bed witConfined to The Bedh chain, big ball gag taped in, tight ropes at ankles and knees, leather pants and high heel boots. Master left him in the dark, struggling and drifting in and out of subspace, his hard cock aching for release. A short snippet of a long and very real bound, gagged, and left to suffer session from a long time ago. Actual running time (03:49) (Preview)

Glamour Shoot Gone Awry

Starring Mina Meow. Mina showed up for the glamour shoot in her high-heeled sling back black shoes and her sundress splashed with cherriesGlamour Shoot Gone Awry. I just knew she was ready for something a little sassier. So, first she tried on the rubber gloves, mittens really. She hopped up on the bar chair with a sparkle in her eye, but when the ropes began to wrap her lovely body to that chair, she became a little suspicious… By the time her feet were snugged together, and attached to the rope round her lap and the chair, and to her wrapped wrists, and also to her bound breasts, the reality sunk in. Since any movement of her roped form resulted in tugging somewhere else, escape was impossible; the anticipated glamour shoot had transformed into bound and gagged sub land! Thanks to Giselle, my forever and ever lady for the words above. She enjoys Mina’s feisty nature. I add the following for a little more detail. Mina does a great job of bitching about my change from glamour to bondage before I pinch her nose and ball gag her tightly on screen. She continues to protest unintelligibly, drool, and struggle in vain through the remainder of the video. Just how we like our lovely damsels! Actual Run Time (07:43) (Preview)

Bondage Switch Spread-eagle

Starring Amy Aveline. Even here, significantly immobilized and completely helpless, Amy is still an enigma to me, thus the switch reference in the title and the Coin Flip transition in and out. You get to know a lady (professional model or not) when you tieBondage Switch Spread-eagle her up all day. You talk and learn about each other. I learned she would probably rather be the top when it comes to bondage play. But when? In her personal life - or in her professional life? I fret not that I lack the answer. In this clip you will see just a teasing taste of her real, and mysterious, bondage personality, as the cameraman (me) engages in a short bit of banter with our helpless (and un-gagged) damsel at the start of the clip. She has a nice view of the pool landscape and the bone dry, fault sculpted hills beyond to distract her from the lack of intimate play, except with the camera. You'll be right there with close shots to explore her black lacquer platform heels, ankle cuffs dating to the Barbara Behr years at the House of Milan, leather fist mitts from Mr. S, my leather shorts/hot pants, and of course Amy's beautiful face. The stifling sponge ball mouth stuffing and sticky PVC tape gag is applied on screen. Hope you enjoy! Actual run time (08:40) (Preview)

Contemplation: Straitjacket and Hood

Starring Michael Keye. This long-term bondage victim could be any self-respecting restraint and gag fanatic. Someone has done you the ultimatContemplation: Straitjacket and Hoode favor: placed you in a seriously inescapable chair tie, held firm with straitjacket, strategic straps, tight ropes, laced leather hood with attached gag and blindfold, and high collar. You try to cry out – the deep cock-like leather plug in your mouth stifles all but insignificant sounds. You try to see – a tiny sliver of light teases your sensory deprived mind. You try to move – your chance of escape ended with tight strapping into the Posey straitjacket, but then just enough ubiquitous (to bondage people) tools of restraint seal your solitary and (almost) immobilized fate. You are alone, stuck to a chair, hooded and gagged. Rescue is not an option. The less than perfect lighting burns out the straitjacket a bit. However, the scene depicted is real, for the moment, whimsical, let’s do some bondage, raw and homemade. Actual running time (15:34) (Preview)