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Keye Bondage Images videos depicting consenting women, t-girls, cross-dressers, and men (right now just some 'Blast From The Past' private session stuff of Michael Keye) bound and gagged, are for the time being only available for purchase at Clips4Sale. The catalog here is intended to supplement the Clips4Sale site. Descriptions here are sometimes enhanced to provide a bit more information, and previews are available to download to give customers a better representation of the content than the 10 second previews at the Clips4Sale site. Preview availability in this catalog will rotate, so please stop by often to see what is new. A large preview photo is available for each video, unless dummy (Michael) screwed up and did not take any, or when Michael was tied up and Master and/or Mistress did what they damn well pleased.

Each video is available in 3 different media player formats at the Clips4Sale store. Windows Media Player (.wmv), Quicktime Player (.mov), and Real Player (.rm). A small size Windows Media Player version is also available for those with slow Internet connection speed. The screen resolution is stated for each version. The bit rate varies, but every effort is made to replicate the picture quality of a 420p DVD at the stated screen resolution (except the small size Windows Media Player version). There are two movies available in HD (1080i) with Natalie Minx, but the Keye Images machine needs more memory and a faster graphics card to make HD happen every time. The content of the catalog here states only the Windows Media Player screen resolution.

Updated 6/26/2011

Image from the short film Theatre Encore: Boots and Bondage. Starring Nicole Oring

New Releases

Census Nonsense

Starring Nyxon. Someone tied up the poor girl! Gagged her too! Kinky census taker pays no heed. He is on a COUNT mission. No matter the sCensus Nonsensetate of affairs the respondent is in. Just get the COUNT. Of course he asks the most important questions, although Nyxon – (who tied her up anyway, boyfriend or burglar?) – quickly realizes this is a bondage kinky count she wants no part of! She tries to escape. Her hands are FREE! Problem is the only important knot is under her seat. Kinky census taker returns. Quit his job. He likes the bound and gagged girls he barges in on during counting duties. Guess he REALLY likes Nyxon, so decided to stay a while, and hinge handcuff her. Perhaps it was her stuffed mouth white tape gag? Or her high heel boots? Maybe her eyes? He leaves her rope bound, tape gagged, and handcuffed to a chair with no hope of escape. Is he going to re-enlist for the Census Nonsense counting job? Actual running time (08:32) (768 x 432)

Please note: The 'Hollywood' tape gag shown in the preview photo is enhanced for the video. Nyxon's pretty mouth is stuffed with a sponge ball and 3 strips of white tape seal it in, ensuring proper gag sounds and feelings. (Buy) (Preview)

Little Black Dress 2

StarrLittle Black Dress 2ing Sandra Gibbons. Wonder why the T-girl is looking so glamorous this afternoon in sexy little black dress and slutty patent ankle strap pumps? One thing for sure is she's dressed to be a waylaid damsel. Already roped tight, her mouth is stuffed full with dry cloth and cleave gagged on-screen. She gags and coughs whenever she tries to complain or asks to be released. You know it's a good gag when bondage playmate has to stay quiet to stay safe. Sandra struggles to free herself, but she can't budge the rope or gag, and every once in a while her binder pipes in with an order, or a phrase that punctuates the helpless condition she let herself get roped into, so to speak. Now to make things a bit more stringent for Sandra, she is hogtied on-screen. More distressed whimpers from the tied up and gagged damsel, and rescue seems even more remote than before. Actual running time (12:40) (768 x 432) (Buy) (Preview)

Naked Derek Daze ~ Leather

Starring Derek Naked Derek Daze ~ LeatherSynKlaire. Strapped and cuffed with leather, booted ankles chained, blindfolded and panel ball gagged, leather bondage playmate Derek must wait. Limited movement allowed in her dark personal prison, encumbered by collar and chain leash. Finally some verbal attention, but mostly to tease and taunt and elicit slave’s typically entertaining gagged responses. If she is really complaining, it falls on unsympathetic ears. Leather bondage slave is challenged to get out, and succeeds somewhat, but she'll never be able to loosen the wrist cuff fastener with one finger. It's always a pleasure to tighten things back up for a feisty prisoner. The sounds of resignation as her body harness straps are reapplied on screen are pleasing. It is time to leave her helpless, sightless, and alone again. You don't mind, do you Derek? Actual running time (09:45) (768 x 432) (Buy) (Preview)

Bondage Is Her Pleasure

Starring McGee. She's tightly roped with no knots to reach as sponge ball stuffing and some layers of white sticky tape are slowly applied on screen to gag the helpless submissive. Her luscious tits yearn for attention, and they get it. Her submission deepens Bondage Is Her Pleasurewhen her nose is squeezed, denying her of breath. She squirms toward her binder on command, and back again. Her binder hogties her on screen, then squeezes her breasts and fingers her hive. She tries to escape, but to no avail. In the end she meekly pleads for release from the fetish sex heat that is building inside her. Hot foreplay bondage action with a very real bondage girl! Actual running time (21:37) (768 x 432)

Hard (literally) to surpass Michael's good feelings regarding his first McGee encounter. The breath control scene in this video is not framed as well as it should be (can't see her nose), but I left it in because the partner bondage play leaves no doubt as to our mutual pleasure. (Buy) (Preview)